Identifying a good research paper idea

It is quite normal to panic while facing a research paper project with a brain which is refusing to generate any ideas at all. But, unfortunately, panicking is not the best solution for it. Panic would only cause your brain to shut down, thus closing off even the faintest possibilities of it coming up with an interesting research paper idea.

If you are facing such a situation, the first thing you should do is to relax and let your mind wander around free. It might be a project with a short deadline or it might be one for which you need all the time you have for the research alone; but as you cannot research without a theory, it is better to think of what you can do about it rather than force yourself into ideation. You can use that time to list out the specifications of the kind of thesis which would work well for that assignment.

There are certain factors which add to the appeal of research paper ideas or theses. A good research thesis should be:

1. Authentic: After all the trouble you take to prepare a research paper on a thesis, you wouldn’t want it to be claimed by someone else. Hence ensure the authenticity of your theory before starting to work on it.

2. Fresh: Not all theories get proved at first attempt. Some theories are researched on repeatedly without much result. Do not use one of them, unless you have some fresh facts to present on it. Nobody would be interested in reading about what they already know, in a research paper.

3. Reasonable: Be aware of the challenges involved in proving a research paper idea while choosing it. Ideas which sound improbable or impossible might generate curiosity in the audience. But if you fail to prove it satisfactorily, the excitement would turn into disappointment. It is easy to come up with an idea; but not so to prove it.

research paper ideas4. Relevant: The scope of a theory, at the time of research, is something that matters a lot. If you choose to work on an idea which is outdated, nobody would be interested in it. A research problem which is relevant and in demand is what is ideal for a research paper.

5. Strong: There are various factors which give credibility to a research idea or theory. The credibility of the sources, the bold tone of the research thesis statement, the clarity of presentation etc are some of them. Out of this, the sources for research are to be obtained from outside. Hence, you must ensure the availability and accessibility of credible sources before starting to work on an idea. Even the strongest idea may not make an impact in the absence of credible sources.

It does not make any sense at all to work on the first idea that comes to your mind, in order to save time. You must ensure that the theory or idea you have is the best possible one for your assignment before deciding to use it. If you need any help with finding good research paper ideas or with the writing part, we can assist you. Our writers have been helping out students with all types of academic assignments and are highly qualified in their respective subject areas. We also offer custom research papers, tailored to suit individual preferences and requirements, to students who are in need of it.