Tips on writing research papers in MLA format

Out of the various research paper formats, MLA format is one of the simplest and easiest to work on. It was specially developed by the Modern Language Association for the purpose of documenting research data in literature and language subjects. But due to its simplicity of nature, it became one of the most preferred styles of writing in many other subjects also. It is necessary to know how to write a research paper in MLA style during your educational period.

There are certain aspects which differentiate MLA style from the other styles of documentation.

• The most unique aspect of MLA style is the fact that the title page and the bibliographical reference page are not separate. They are a part of the main research paper document. MLA style is the only style used in academic research paper writing where these two pages are not to be separated from the research paper.
• The title page would be a part of the first page of research papers in MLA format. On the top left hand side of the first page, you may give your name, the name of your instructor, the name of the course and the date, one below the other. On the top right hand side, you must give your surname followed by the page number. A few spaces below the date, you may give the title, centrally aligned. Leaving one space below, you can start writing your research paper.

• The bibliographical list in MLA style is called the ‘Works Cited’ list. This section should begin on a fresh sheet and be attached to the last page of the research paper. The names are to be listed in alphabetical order of the surname of the authors. In-text citations and footnotes are also allowed as per specifications given by the instructor. The method of citing various types of research paper sources must be determined from the updated style manual of MLA format.

• The font of a research paper in MLA format must be Times New Roman or any similar font which is legible and clear. Fancy fonts are not allowed. The font size must be 12pt. The text should be typed double-spaced and with 1 inch margins on all sides.

Writing an MLA research paper is quite simple if you know the basics. But since most of the rules are flexible for the instructors, you must be very careful about the instructions in the guidelines while writing research papers in MLA format.

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