Preparing research papers in MLA format

Out of the various research paper documentation formats, MLA format is one of the most commonly used one. It was developed by the Modern Language Association of America to suit the specific documentation requirements of literature and language subjects. But it is preferred by many other subjects also due to its simplicity and flexibility of nature. When it comes to academic assignments, research papers in MLA format are quite common in all subjects.

If you are a literature or language student, you must learn all the specifications of MLA format as you will be handling numerous research papers assignments which are to be formatted as per MLA style guidelines. Even if you are not a literature student, it is still advisable that you learn at least the basic aspects of the style as you will come across it at least once during your academic period. MLA style is very flexible in terms of its formatting rules but there are a few features which are unique to the style.

• The title page of a research paper in MLA style would be a part of the first page of the main document. You need not separate the title page in an MLA style research paper, unless your instructor specifically asks for a separate title page. On a normal MLA style title page, the surname of the author and the page number would appear on the top right hand corner. Towards the left side of the same page, you must give the author’s name, the date, your professor’s name and the name of the course should be given. The title of your research paper would come below this, centrally aligned. And below the title, you may start writing your research paper. If the guidelines specify the requirement of a separate title page, you will find the option for that also in the MLA style manual.

• MLA style uses in-text citations for reference purposes. There are many formats which are permitted for the purpose of making parenthetical references in MLA style. You will find detailed instructions on all of those, in the MLA style manual. The bibliography section is known as the ‘Works Cited’ List. The works cited list should begin on a fresh page. It should be organized in the alphabetical order of the surnames of the authors.

• MLA is flexible in its clauses which makes it necessary for you to study the assignment guidelines well enough before starting to format your research paper in MLA style. All those aspects which have been omitted in the guidelines are to be done as per the style guidelines.

MLA style is the simplest of all and if students find research papers in MLA complicated, it is only due to its flexibility. If you need any guidance with formatting a research paper as per MLA style guidelines, we can help you. We can put you on to one of our highly qualified and experienced academic writers who would assist you with all your issues regarding research paper writing. We can also offer you a custom research paper prepared for you as per your specifications.