What to know while preparing research papers in MLA style

MLA style is one of the most liberal and simple styles of formatting. For the same reason, it is one of the most commonly used formats for the documentation of research papers in academia. But just because the style is simple and quite flexible, students often tend to take it for granted. And sometimes they get so careless as to miss out on even the most specific and important points involved in the formatting of a research paper in MLA style.

The MLA style of documentation was developed by the Modern Language Association of America for the documentation purposes of research data in arts and literature. But due to its liberal nature, it is often used in other subjects also. When you are asked to prepare research papers in MLA style, there are a few things you must keep in mind.

1. MLA style accommodates most patterns of presentation but when you are using any of the options of formatting other than the basic one suggested by the style, there would be many clauses which accompanies it. Remember to confirm the specifications of accommodating your preferences into the style instead of taking it for granted.

2. MLA style does not recommend a separate title page even though it is allowed if specifically asked for, by your instructor. The basic format for research paper title pages in MLA requires it to be a part of the first page of the research paper. The title page normally takes up about one third of the top portion of the first page of your assignment. But if the guidelines specify a separate title page, refer to the manual to find out the exact manner of preparing it.

research paper in MLA3. The bibliographical reference section of a research paper in MLA format is called ‘Works Cited’ list. This is to be a separate page and should be attached to the last page of the research paper. The order, in which the information on each type of source is to be cited, has been elaborated in the style manual. When it comes to bibliographic references, MLA style is as strict in its rules as any other style. Hence, pay attention to this section of your MLA format research paper.

4. MLA style research papers use in-text citations in the pattern of “surname of the author, page number’. These parenthetical references are expected to link the cited portion to the detailed information given in the works cited list. MLA style also employs the use of content notes. Even though it does not promote footnotes and end notes, they can be accommodated as well, if specified in the guidelines.

The flexibility of the formatting instructions of research papers in MLA style is what makes it tough for the students as they will have to worry about the level to which it needs to be altered. The only way to manage it successfully is to study the guidelines thoroughly along with the latest edition of the style manual. If you need any help with your MLA format research paper, you may let us know. Our academic writers will be able to help you with all your worries regarding your research papers. We can also prepare an outstanding custom research paper for you as per your specifications. Our writers are not only experienced in academic writing but they are also highly knowledgeable in their respective areas of study. Hence you can rest assured of the quality of the work we do for you.