While writing an academic assignment you have to pay a lot of attention to the structure of the assignment in order to make it look impressive enough. A writing assignment usually consists of an introduction, the body paragraphs and a conclusion. The research paper introduction, being the first paragraph of your research paper assignment, forms the base of the primary opinion of the reader about the quality of your assignment.

Without knowing the purpose of a part of the structure, you will not be able to craft it well. Hence, to make your research paper look and sound impressive, you have to first learn the most basic elements of writing which includes the grammar and the structure. The purpose of an introduction is to give the reader some background information on the topic which is discussed in the research paper. It also serves the purpose of stating the theory you wish to establish, in the form of the thesis statement.

A research paper introduction consists of the topic, some background information on the topic and the thesis statement. If there is anything more that your particular assignment demands from your introduction you may add that as well. But while adding data to the introduction, you have to remember that the introductory paragraph is supposed to be short and concise. Lengthy introductions will not be appreciated by your audience. You should use the introduction to convey the most specific aspects about the project without getting into any of the details. It is expected to introduce the audience to the discussion that follows. Hence it should be reasonably informative about the subject and the topic but at the same time, elusive about the finer details.

Do not reveal too much in the introduction. If you accidentally say too much in the introductory paragraph, it will ruin one thing that could hold the interest of your audience – their curiosity. Hence, leave the main points to be discussed later on, in the body paragraphs. Use the introduction to trigger off the inquisitive nature of human mind. Talk only about the obvious facts of your research like the method and the scope of the topic. But make sure that you have left enough hints to make the audience curious about the content of your research paper.

The thesis statement is that part of the research paper introduction which is the backbone of your research paper. Whatever you state in your introduction will have to be proved effectively in the body paragraphs. For the same reason, it is advisable to re-check the thesis statement mentioned in the introductory paragraph, after you have prepared the rough draft. See if your conclusion tallies with your introduction. If not, change either one to suit the other. If it does not match with each other, your research paper will be totally worthless.

A research paper introduction is what creates the first impression about the quality of your research paper. Hence it should be skillfully framed, without any errors. Understand that a poorly written introductory paragraph can ruin even the best of contents as it makes the audience prejudiced against your research paper.