A good research paper introduction sample

A research paper becomes impressive only when all the various parts or components are in place. Each part of a research paper needs to be framed with regard to many different aspects. For that reason, it is, quite truthfully, known as the toughest of assignments. Research paper introduction is among the most vital components of a research paper. An interesting introduction can create such a positive impression which will last in the reader’s mind, throughout. You can find interesting research paper introduction samples on the internet, which will give you a very good idea of how to frame it.

Framing an interesting and impressive research paper introduction

Research Paper Introduction Samples  As you will be able to find out from a good research paper introduction sample, it will be a very short and crisp paragraph which presents the facts necessary to get the reader, or the audience, acquainted with the topic of discussion. You might have noticed how difficult it is to follow a conversation or discussion when you join it half-way through. Similarly, the research paper is yours and you are the one who worked on the topic. Your reader might be partially or fully new to the research problem and the solution you suggest. Unless you tell them what the discussion is all about, they would not be able to follow your research paper. And, that exactly is the purpose of a research paper introduction.

You might have been advised about the important points which must be included in your introduction. Even if you don’t have much liberty with the kind of points to be included in the introductory paragraph, you still have the freedom to make it more interesting in terms of presentation. If you take a closer look at any good research paper introduction sample, you will see that what makes it interesting is not just the inclusion of the important points but also the way in which it has been presented. A good introduction will:

• Be a short paragraph which is not more than 5% of the total length of the paper; except in cases where longer introductions are asked for.
• Introduce the topic to the audience in a very comprehensible manner, with respect to the intellectual level of the audience.
• Give only the relevant background information which can help the reader understand the topic better.
• Inform the reader about the methodology which was used for the research.
• Talk about the scope of the research problem, in the respective subject area.
• Explain the nature and complexity of the research which was conducted.
• State the thesis through a crisp and clear thesis statement, as the last line of the introductory paragraph.

An introduction which contains a clear definition of research paper topic will help the audience follow the rest of the paper, better. If you are new to research paper writing, you will need some help from experienced hands and good research paper introduction samples to refer to, before you can understand the concept. Whether you are discussing a literature topic or a chemistry research paper topic, the introduction holds equal importance. If you need help with framing any parts or stages of your research paper, let us know. We have highly experienced academic writers to help students with their academic projects. You may check out the APA format example papers and other research papers listed on our website and use them for reference if it suits you.