Finding a good research paper introduction sample for reference

The introduction of a research paper is one of the most prominent parts of the research paper structure due to its position as the first paragraph of the paper. Writing an introduction which complements the research paper is not at all an easy task. As the introduction plays such a significant part in the impression created by the research paper, it is important that you frame it appropriately. Students face many issues regarding the framing of the introduction. A good guide which explains the right method of framing the structure of a research paper and some good research paper introduction samples would be prove quite useful, if you are struggling to put together a good research paper introduction.

Understanding the significance of a research paper introduction

Research Paper Introduction Samples      Research paper writing is an exercise which one cannot easily get accustomed to. The difficulty in getting familiar with the task is due to the fact that each research paper project is unique in its nature and specifications. Most students, even after handling numerous research paper projects, find it impossible to perfect their research paper writing skills. But as almost every student faces the issue, there is hardly anything to worry about, if you are unable to handle your research paper projects efficiently. Starting from the structure to the presentation of the paper, every single part of research paper writing asks for complete concentration and dedication from students. And, the research paper introduction demands more attention than any other structural components as it can influence the way your paper is received by your audience.

If you take a look at a good research paper introduction sample, you will be able to find that it serves the purposes of:

• Introducing the topic
• Giving relevant background information
• Explaining the scope of the topic
• Describing the nature of research
• Touching upon the methodology which was used for research
• Stating the thesis

You might also be able to take note of the fact that, in a good research paper introduction sample, all these pieces of information are tightly packed into a relatively short paragraph which is below 10% of the length of the research paper. A lengthy introduction is considered to be a waste of space because all the points mentioned in the introduction are discussed in detail in the body paragraphs. Lengthy introductions also make the body paragraphs look repetitive. Hence, try to keep it as concise and precise as possible. The thesis statement, which is the last sentence of the introduction, must be contained in a single sentence.

Getting professional assistance with research paper projects

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