How to write good research papers on alcoholism

It is indeed difficult to write a good research paper but not impossible. You just need to have a clear idea of what you aim to achieve through your paper and how you are going to accomplish the task. Research papers on alcoholism are quite common as alcoholism is among the most sought after topics in the research area. It is studied from the perspectives of various subjects but it still remains a big challenge to researchers and a bigger threat to society. While working on an alcoholism research paper, you will get a chance to express your views on the topic, formally.

Alcoholism research paper topic examples

Research Paper on AlcoholismThe topic of alcoholism is not new to anyone. Even small children are aware of the extent of harm it can do to a person, yet, the situation is no better. More and more people fall prey to alcoholism and die trying to escape from its strong clutches. There are very few who actually manage to come out of the habit. There are numerous topics which can be used for an academic level research paper on alcoholism. Let us take a look at some sample topics.

1. Alcoholics often prove to be a public menace. What kind of legal action can save the society from the antics of alcoholics? – This can be approached from a legal as well as social perspective. You can narrow the topic down to a specific social circle and study the problems caused by alcoholics. That would give you more focus and make your paper more interesting.

2. The role of alcoholism in the rising number of rape cases – It has been observed that most rapists are drunk at the time of committing the crime. You can write about how the number of rape cases can be brought down if the issue of alcoholism is under control. You can argue your point by bringing actual cases to the attention of the readers.

3. How efficient are the current methods of rehabilitation? Most patients go back to being alcoholics a few days after they come out of the rehabilitation centers. Where do the methods go wrong? What can be done to ensure 100% success in rehabilitating alcoholics?

Presenting the matter

There is no dearth of interesting topics for research papers on alcoholism. But as it falls under the category of controversial as well as argumentative topics, it is quite difficult to present an idea related to the subject effectively. You must identify strong points and stick to credible sources. You must also emphasize on the right points and use techniques like exemplification to explain your views.

Alcoholism research paper writing

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