Tips on writing research papers on depression

Depression is a term which is over-used in the colloquial language. It is mostly used to address a state of extreme sadness or mental agony. But depression, from a clinical or scientific point of view, is not the same. A person suffers from clinical depression when he stays depressed over a relatively long period of time and fails to come out of it, resulting in physical illness and mental imbalance. Depression also happens to be one of the highly researched topics in subjects like psychology and sociology. Research papers on depression, for the same reason, are among the most commonly assigned papers in academia.

Examples of depression research topics

Research paper on depressionAs depression is a topic which can be studied from various angles, it proves to be an interesting topic for research papers of almost all types including that of controversial and argumentative. As every aspect about the topic is interesting to research on, the nature of your research project or the restrictions on the choice of topic need not necessarily affect the outcome of your paper. If you are clear about the objective of your project and willing to put in the necessary time and effort into the project, you will be able to prepare very good papers on depression and enjoy doing it. There are various issues which can be addressed in a research paper on depression, depending on the nature and type of your research paper.

• Are men more vulnerable to depression or women?
• Do teenagers respond to the treatment better than aged people?
• What is the most common cause of depression among teenagers?
• Can there be a more effective treatment for depression?
• What is the role of domestic violence in the rising number of depression cases?

Planning the research on a depression topic

In order to be able to handle research papers on depression in an impressive manner and submit it on time, you will have to plan it well in advance. Most important of all, it is a topic which would require mostly qualitative research methodology and sometimes a combination of qualitative and quantitative methods. And, if your subjects include those who are suffering from the condition or those who have come out of it, it might not be easy to extract information from them. That would, in turn, ask for more research time from you. Hence, do not go by a tight research schedule. It may not always go as planned. A relaxed schedule would give you space to fit in the extra work, if you run out of schedule.

Getting assistance with depression research papers

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