Tips on writing effective research papers on teenage pregnancy

There are many issues which have proved to be stronger than all the existing solutions. Such topics retain their position in the list of research topics for years. Teenage pregnancy is one such topic which has put many skilled researchers to shame by refusing to get under control. Even after so much awareness about the situation, an uncomfortably high number of girls fall prey to teenage pregnancies. It is unbelievable but there are many cases of repeated teenage pregnancies in the same person, as well. Hence, the subject has not just topped the list of research topics with high scope but has also been offering fresh topics for research every now and then. You will be able to find many interesting topics, not only for scholarly research papers on teenage pregnancy but also, for those in academia.

How to identify a good topic

Research Paper on Teenage Pregnancy Almost all research topics have various angles from which it can be approached. That applies to teenage pregnancy topics as well. If you are not clear about your approach, you won’t be able to maintain the focus of your paper. In order to ensure that your paper addresses the topic in a clear, focused manner, you must choose a narrow perspective of the topic. For example, instead of studying ‘the health issues caused by teenage pregnancy’, you can narrow the topic down to something more specific like ‘How can teenage pregnancy affect the patient’s future pregnancies?’

Let us take a look at some topics which can be considered for academic research papers on teenage pregnancy.

1. Should abortion be made legal in case of teenage pregnancies considering the health hazards it can pose for the mother?

2. Teenage girls are not psychologically mature enough to handle motherhood. What kind of counseling can help them face the situation and handle their new role efficiently?

3. The health issues which are commonly found among children born to teenage girls. Are those issues typically related to their mother’s age at the time of conception?

Handling teenage pregnancy research

You will, most probably, have to use qualitative methods to gather information towards your research paper on teenage pregnancy. And, considering that your subjects will mostly be unhappy about the situation they are in, you might find it difficult to extract information out of them. Hence, the questions must be well thought-out and non-repetitive. Try to get your information out without causing them any unpleasantness. Do not keep your volunteers waiting. Do not make them feel that their situation is shameful.

Teenage pregnancy paper writing

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