Some research paper outline samples

Preparing an outline for a research paper is very important as it makes the research paper look much neater and well-organized. A research paper developed from a good outline would impress the authorities as well as make the whole process much easier for you. There are many types of outlines which you can use for your research paper. The criterion for choosing a suitable outline is that it should be easily comprehensible to you when you finally sit down to write the research paper. Studying a few research paper outline samples will give you an idea of your options.

Before you take a look at sample outlines, you must know what the main components of a research paper are, what all the optional ones are and what your assignment requirements are.

1. The research proposal is the first part of a research paper writing process. But in certain academic research paper assignments, proposals won’t be necessary as some of them come with pre-assigned topics. Hence, you must confirm whether it is needed or not before doing it.

2. The research paper abstract is the next stage. This document is also not a mandatory one for all academic research papers even though for scholarly researches, it is mandatory. If you are writing an academic research paper, confirm if an abstract is required or not.

3. Literature review, being another optional element of a research paper document, is not so commonly used in academic assignments.

4. The methodology chapter is also an optional element as it is not required for research paper assignments in all subjects.

5. The thesis is the most important component and prominent element of a research paper. The whole research paper is built on the thesis. It is an inevitable part of research papers of all types and levels.

6. The introduction, the body and the conclusion are also inevitable parts of all types of research paper assignments, academic or scholarly.

7. The reference list is a mandatory section, as well, in research papers of all levels.

Once you are clear about the requirements of the format of your research paper, you may check out a few research paper outline samples and pick one that would suit you. But before choosing the one for you, consider a few aspects. The sample you choose for yourself should:

• Should have been prepared by a credible author.
• Be comprehensible to you even when you refer to it after the gap between outlining and drafting.
• Should include all the necessary components of your assignment.
• Should have a pattern that would easily convey the matter to your audience.
• Should be one through which you would be able to highlight the specific objective of your assignment.

Finding a research paper outline sample that suits the requirements of your assignment is very important. Some types of outlines are extremely confusing to the students and choosing such outlines would waste your time while you are figuring out how you can develop it.

If you are not being able to find an outline that suits your requirement, you can get one prepared for yourself as per the specifications of your project. We have academic writers from all sectors of education who are very knowledgeable in their respective fields. They will be able to prepare a research paper outline sample for you or if you wish, they can also prepare a custom research paper for you as per your preferences.