Preparing the research paper reference page appropriately

Research papers ask for two types of referencing – one within the text, which is brief and another on a separate sheet with all the details regarding the sources. The reference section is the last but most important section of a research paper. Research paper references fulfill the purpose of giving the audience enough information about the sources and that of giving the due to credit to the authors of the sources used for research. This section is usually formatted as per the rules and specifications of the documentation style which has been used to format the paper.

Understanding the two types of referencing

Research Paper ReferencesThe main purpose of citing the source is to let the reader know that the information given therewith was contributed by someone else. It is also meant to direct the readers to the source of reference, if in case any of them wish to get more information on the topic. But, for a student or a scholar, complete referencing also works to add to the credibility of the author and to keep the author safe from the accusation of plagiarism. Today, plagiarism is considered as a punishable offense and there are very efficient methods of detecting plagiarism of all kinds. Hence, it is important that you keep aside enough time, during editing, to ensure that the research paper references are all in place.

The various methods used for citing the sources

Each documentation style has its own unique method for citing the sources. The in-text citations as well as the referencing section are formatted using different methods. Even though the details included are more or less the same in all documentation style, the order in which they are arranged differs along with the style. Some of the common methods used for in-text citations are:

• Parenthetical references – This method whereby the information is given within brackets next to the cited information, is used by documentation styles like MLA and APA. There are two formats which are commonly used for parenthetical referencing – the (author, page) format and the (author, date) format.
• Footnotes – Used by documentation styles like the Chicago style, footnotes give information on the title and the author and are placed at the bottom of each page.
• End notes – End notes are similar to footnotes with the only exception that these are placed at the end of each section or chapter.

Preparing the reference section

Research paper reference pages are often a cause for concern to students as it is not easy to remember to include each one of the sources. Even while editing, you might accidentally overlook the errors in referencing. You can make it easier for yourself if you remember to note down each and every source you use, and the details, as you take down the information. The use of a research paper outline might also prove helpful as it would make editing a simpler task, thereby leaving you more time to concentrate on proof reading the references section of your research paper.

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