Students are regularly assigned research paper writing projects as a part of the academic assessment process. The research papers are intended to develop the students’ ability to study a subject closely and evaluate it and judge it accurately. Research paper sources are a part of any research paper writing project. There are various things to know and remember about sources, its purposes and the regulations regarding its usages.

Research is a process where you do an in-depth study of the topic and come out with either a completely fresh view or take sides with any of the existing views on it. Either way, you will need material to help you progress with your research. You will be finding information from the documents filed by other researchers. These documents which you use to source information from, on the topic of your research, are known as a research paper sources.

The first point to note about a source is that it is meant to be for the purpose of reference only. You are not to use any information provided by the sources as yours accidentally or intentionally. If you are using information filed by another person, you are expected to give due credit to the person from whom you are borrowing it. Each style of writing has its own way of citing the sources which has been elaborated in their style manuals. In fact, you will find that almost all documentation styles give maximum emphasis to the citation methods than anything else. This ascertains the importance of citing the sources.

Since each writing style has its unique method of citation, you will have to cite the sources exactly as per the rules laid down by the manual of the style you are using for your research paper. It is unacceptable to ignore any part of the citation rules. In certain cases, professors ask for certain permitted alterations in the citation style for specific assignments. In such cases, the guidelines of the assignment counts above the rules in the guidelines, for citation purposes.

There are different types of research paper sources. You will be gathering your information from a variety of sources like books, journals, articles, television documentaries, interviews and internet. The numbers of sources which you can refer to for the research on a particular topic depends on the guidelines. Some guidelines do not put any limitations on the topic but some others do. Study your guidelines clearly to determine the instructions on the sources for the particular assignment.

The term for citing the sources changes with the style of documentation. You will learn different methods and different headers like footnotes, parenthetical references, bibliographical pages, reference lists, work cited lists and so on.

Whatever the method is, one thing you should not forget is that if forget to mention even one research paper source which you have used, your research paper will be marked as plagiarized. This will not only disqualify your submission but also leave a black mark on your academic record. Even if you are really tight for time, you should never ignore the reference page or the details you give in that because there are very effective methods of spotting information which has not been cited.