Perfecting your research paper structure

The structure of a research paper is among those factors which can influence the grades acquired, to a big extent. A poorly structured research paper confuses the reader so much as to leave a negative impression about the author of the paper as well as the paper itself. But, unfortunately, research paper structure is one of those factors which students overlook while struggling towards the deadline. There are many ways by which you can ensure that the structure of your research paper is one which complements the paper and that the task of perfecting the structure does not affect your deadline in anyway.

Mandatory sections of a research paper

Research Paper StructureSome parts of the research paper structure are mandatory for research papers of all types and levels. Each of those sections has specific purposes and fixed positions within the paper. Only when the information is appropriately distributed among the paragraphs, will the research paper become effective and impressive. These parts, or sections, can be listed as follows.

• The title page – Provides information about the author, the title, the course, the instructor and the date of submission.
• The Introduction – Introduces the topic, provides relevant information about the background and scope of the topic, explains the nature of research and states the thesis.
• The body paragraphs – Elaborate on the various features of the topic and discuss the main points and present the evidence which justify the theory.
• The conclusion – Summarizes the main points, reinstates the theory and winds up the discussion with reference to the scope for further research on the topic.
• The bibliography – Lists out information on the sources used, including the author’s full name, the title of the book, the publisher, the place of publishing and the date of publishing.

Planning the structure in advance

If you plan the framing of your research paper structure in advance, it will make editing an easier job for you. That way, you can also avoid the risk of running out of time and submitting the paper without perfecting the structure of your paper. One of the most effective tools for framing the structure of a research paper is the outline. An outline will help you to organize the points in the most ideal way as it is easy to shift points within an outline. As the outline gives you an overview of all the points gathered towards the paper and their positions, you will be able to get a rather accurate idea of the efficacy of the arrangement and make changes easily. That way, even if you don’t find enough time to edit your paper, you will still have a paper with a reasonably good structure.

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