If you are not new to research paper writing, you will be aware that one main clause in the guidelines would be regarding the style in which your research paper is to be written. There are specific styles preferred by certain subjects. It is important to know the various research paper styles and their rules to know how to apply it to your assignment. MLA, APA and Chicago styles are the most commonly used styles for academic writing.

• MLA or Modern Language Association style of writing is the most widely acknowledged and used style for academic writing. It is more encouraged by literature and language subjects. This style is rather simple compared to the other writing styles. It uses simple in-text citations with the author’s last name and the page number. A detailed reference is given at the end of the research paper under the heading of ‘Works Cited’, in alphabetical order of the authors’ last names. This list will have the ‘full name of the author, the title of the book, the edition, place of publication, name of publisher and date of publishing. The name of the author should be reversed for easy reference by alphabetical order. The ‘works cited’ list is to begin on a fresh sheet.

• APA or American Psychological Association style is the preferred style of documentation for certain subjects like social science. APA style of citation promotes in-text citations and a reference page to be attached at the end of your research paper. The in-text citations are supposed to announce the last name of the author and the year of publishing. APA style doesn’t allow the use of footnotes. When permitted it is for additional information on the cited data and not bibliographical information. A header at the top of every page is another peculiar aspect of APA style of research paper writing. The title page should provide the title of the research paper, the author’s name and the name of the institution.

• The Chicago style of documentation offers two separate methods for science and arts subjects. But it is more preferred by humanities and art subjects than science subjects. It involves parenthetical references for the scientific method and for humanities method, encourages the usage of footnotes at the bottom of the respective pages. The numbers mentioned next to the cited information are to be linked to the footnote against the same number. You will also need to submit a separate bibliographical reference page, separately, as the last page of your document. In this style of writing, the author’s name is not to be reversed. The bibliographical page is to be in an alphabetical order with regard to the first name of the author.

Other than these there are also other research paper styles like the Harvard style, the Turabian style and so on. The trick is to learn how to apply the style with reference to the instructions in the guidelines of your research paper.

If you are not confident about your proficiency in the particular style of writing required for your research paper assignment, you may refer to the respective research paper style manual. But if the time is too limited for you to master the demanded style, you may consider getting a custom research paper written by professional academic writers.