Thesis is something you will have to deal with, more than once, at various levels of your research. Each time the style and method of writing the thesis will be different. Knowing what type of research paper thesis presentation is required at various levels is necessary in order to avoid mistakes. In the initial stages of the research process the thesis will be in the form of a mere statement.

While writing the thesis for a research proposal, you will be dedicating a whole paragraph to it. First consider the topic and think of how exactly you want to present your thesis. The efficacy of the proposal depends a lot on your thesis statement. Writing skills are inevitable for the purpose of writing and presenting the thesis in an impressive manner.

Once you have determined the perspective from which you wish to pursue your topic, you can start writing the thesis statement. The thesis should be focused on your theory or perspective of the topic in question. Explain it briefly but clearly. Don’t leave any chance for the reader to wonder about what you are trying to convey. Your thesis statement in the proposal should be easily comprehensible.

You will write a thesis statement again for your research paper. You will state your thesis in the introduction as well as the conclusion. In the introductory paragraph it will work to let your audience know what you are aiming at proving. This will be a single sentence which will be placed towards the end of the introductory paragraph.

From there you will move on to present your complete thesis which can also be called the dissertation. The thesis will elaborately explain the reason why you believe in the projected conclusion and the research method which will take the shape of an impressive conclusion. You will slowly develop the thesis statement into an established fact with the aid of supportive sources and substantial evidence.

A research paper thesis should be focused and well-presented. Defend your theory from all directions by answering all possible questions before being asked. Do not wait for the questions to be raised. Remember that research papers are always treated from a critical point of view. So it is better not to leave any space for doubt than to try and defend your thesis later on.

You will again recount your research paper thesis as a statement in the concluding paragraph. Here you will be able to apply more stress to your theory than what you did in the introduction. The thesis statement in the conclusion will be strongly supported by sources and established by evidence. So the language you use in the conclusion will be more authoritative than that in the introduction. But to be able to establish the authority confidently, your thesis would have to be flawless.

Editing and proofreading are inevitable before presenting the research paper thesis. Poor language will leave a very negative impression about your thesis. Always remember that a thesis is not just a part of the research paper but the most important one and for the same reason the one which demands maximum attention.