Specifications of good research paper theses

As you may already know, the research paper thesis is the focal point of a research paper. The research project would be successful only if the thesis is proved beyond doubt. Proving the thesis would not only mean proving it to yourself but it also means that you will have to convince your audience that the thesis you are presenting is genuine. And that is where you will need all your writing and presentation skills.

Choosing a good thesis for research paper

Knowing the research paper definition alone will not help you in preparing an impressive research paper. You need to have a good grasp of all its vital elements also. And the most important of all the elements of a research paper is its thesis. The research paper theses influence the outcome of research papers to a great extent. An impressive thesis makes it much easier to capture the attention of the audience. But in order to be able to find an impressive thesis, you must know what makes a thesis interesting and impressive. An interesting research thesis is that which is:

Research Paper Thesis• Original: Your audience would be interested only in novel ideas. Ideas which have already been presented by someone else would not generate much interest unless the previous attempt was a failure and your research paper, a success. A fresh and authentic thesis will be able to generate interest in the audience without much effort on your part.

• Has a lot of practical value: A theory which is not practical would not be able to invite much of a positive response from your audience. Everybody values their time and there would hardly be anyone who would be willing to waste their time on something which they believe to be practically impossible.

• Focuses on the specific research problem: Students often get back their research papers with comments from their teachers which suggest the lack of a genuine thesis. The problem lies in the fact that most students never understand the research problem well enough. And the thesis which they present on the problem would suffer due to their poor understanding of the problem . Only if you have an accurate knowledge of the issue, will you be able to come up with a genuine thesis.

Presenting the thesis of your research paper

The research paper thesis is presented many times in the paper; each time with a different objective. It appears first in:

• The research proposal: Here, it would have a suggestive tone as you have no evidence yet, to present.

• The research paper introduction: Here it must be a plain statement which suggests that you have enough proof, in hand, which would be presented soon.

• The research paper conclusion: Here it can be stated authoritatively as you have given enough evidence towards the same. You can state it in a bold and confident tone.

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