Tips on preparing impressive research paper title pages

The title page is the most prominent part of a research paper. It has the advantage of being the first page of the document and for the same reason it is often used to judge the worth of an assignment. It is necessary for you to know the contents of a research paper title page and the most suitable presentation methods. An impressive title page can create a very good impression about your research paper.

There are certain things which you must remember while preparing research paper title pages.

• The title page is one of the mandatory elements of a research paper. No research papers will be accepted without a title page. It is one of the most important parts of a research paper document which is meant to give the readers information on the author and the content of the research paper.

Research Paper Title Page• Every research paper is to be documented as per the research paper format mentioned in the guidelines. And each format has a specific way of presenting the title page. You must prepare your title page exactly the way it has been instructed in the style manual. A title page which does not follow the style rules will not qualify as a good one.

• The contents of the title page remain somewhat the same – the title, the author’s name, the institution’s name or the course name, the date and the professor’s name. But there are exceptions. For example, in an APA format research paper, the title page should contain an additional element called the ‘running head’. A running head will be a part of the title.

• Research paper title pages are to be on a separate sheet. But, again, there are exceptions. The MLA documentation style prefers the title page to be a part of the first page of the research paper. If the instructor requires it to be a separate page there is an option to do that also. But wherever not specified, MLA style research papers requires the title page to be accommodated in the first page of the research paper.

• The pattern of presentation is very important on a title page. You must pay attention to the font size, spacing and positioning of the information given on the title page. This must be determined from the manual of the style you are using for your assignment.

All parts of a research paper document are equally important as each of them has a specific and unique purpose. The title page is one of the most important of them all, even though many students underestimate its significance and do not pay enough attention to the contents of the page.

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