The various research paper title page formats

The title page of any document is its most prominent page. The reader gets the first idea of the document from the title page. Hence, it has the power to influence the reader’s opinion of the document. In fact, if the title page is not impressive enough, the reader might even decide not to read any further. This applies to academic research papers also. The title page of a research paper is expected to give the reader information on the contents of the document. But you cannot present it in any which way you prefer. It has to be presented exactly as per the research paper title page format given in the manual of style you are using.

There are various formats which are used for the documentation of research data. Out of them, those which are most frequently used in academia are the MLA format, the APA format and the Chicago style. Each of them has specific methods or patterns for the presentation of the title page. At the time of preparing the research paper, it is necessary for you to refer to the latest manual of the style you are using. But there are certain basic things which you can learn about the various research paper title page formats.

MLA style title page

MLA style is oneresearch paper title page format of the easiest, simplest and most flexible of all documentation styles. There are a few things which you must remember while preparing an MLA style research paper title page. The MLA style:

• Do not promote the practice of preparing the title page on a separate sheet.

• Prefers the title page to be a part of the first page of the research paper.

• Also offers the option of a separate title page if the guidelines specifically ask for it.

• Includes the name of the author, the name of the professor, the course title, the date and title on the title page.

APA style title page

APA style, even on being less flexible and more complicated than the MLA style, remains one of the most frequently used academic research paper formats. As per the rules of the APA style, the title page:

• Should be presented on a separate sheet.

• Must have a running head which is a part of the title, on the top right hand side.

• Has the title, centrally aligned, a few spaces downwards from the top.

• Should contain the name of the author, the course name, the name of the professor and the date as well.

The Chicago style title page

Preferred highly by history researchers, Chicago style has a very simple title page format. The Chicago research paper title page format requires:

• The title to be printed a few spaces down from the top.

• The name of the author, the course title, the professor’s name and the date to be printed double spaced towards the bottom, centrally aligned.

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