Some examples of interesting research paper topics

Even though there are long lists of topics available for research, choosing one that suits you is quite tricky. You need to know the criteria of a suitable topic to be able to find the right one. There are various types of research papers and the topics which can be chosen for each assignment differs in nature. Only a research paper topic which can fulfill the objective of an assignment would add to the appeal of your research paper.

Listed below are some examples of interesting topics in various categories

Controversial topics: Topics which have been under public debate for a long time

  • The laws against and for abortion and various other aspects like the feasibility of abortion in certain circumstances.
  • The ultimate punishment of death penalty and the methods used for it.
  • The efficiency of punishments which are in place for rapists.
  • The role of the governments in certain countries in the rising rate of child trafficking.
  • The ban on smoking in public places, in certain countries.

Argumentative research paper topics: Topics which have counter-arguments to fight or argue against

  • Women liberation and the reasons why it is not managing to make much of an impact in the male dominant society.
  • Dowry system and the laws regarding that.
  • Abortion related issues including the legal aspects, the psychological impact, the influence of society and so on.
  • Rape and the various aspects: The punishments in place for rapists, the best methods of psychological counseling for the victims, the society’s attitude towards rape victims, the efficiency of medical check-ups to determine the level of assault etc.
  • The efficiency of a particular ruling party in democratic countries.

Narrative topics: An event or a series of events which can be linked to form a story or which can be presented as a narrative

  • One incident which made you aware of the finer aspects of life which you never saw before.
  • A day in your life which was totally different from all the rest of them.
  • An unforgettable college or job interview.
  • An emotionally traumatizing event which you happened to witness.

Comparative research topics: Two or more subjects or objects which have a common feature to form the base of comparison

  • Compare two authors who belonged to the same era of literature.
  • Compare the social behavior of the people of two societies or tribes.
  • Compare two educational systems with due respect to the teaching methods and the criteria of employing teachers.
  • Compare the laws regarding divorce in two countries and analyze the efficiency.
  • Compare the benefits and side-effects of two drugs.

Analysis research paper topics: Any topic can be used for an analysis research paper

  • Analyze the economical situation of a particular nation
  • Analyze the positive and negative aspects of promoting tourism in scenic rural areas.
  • Do an analysis of the treatment given to the prisoners of a high security prison.

There is no dearth of topics for research. What you choose for your assignment is what makes the whole difference. If you wish to get any assistance with choosing a research paper topic for a particular project, we can help you there. You can also consider getting a custom research paper prepared for you by our professional academic writers.

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