Personal Experience Research Papers

A personal experience research paper requires a different approach compared to other topics. Unlike a subject which deals with something not concerning you at all, here you will be talking about your own experience and the method you chose to deal with it and the outcome. It proves more difficult to write on oneself than writing on a common subject.

The most chosen among personal experience research paper topics is, of course, the tough situations which one might have had to deal with at some point of their lives. You can start by explaining the situation. Here your task is to establish that it was a ‘situation’. It is human nature to feel that others’ problems aren’t serious enough. You might have experienced it yourself. How many times have you happened to listen to the issues of your friends or acquaintances and thought that their problems were not even worth mentioning? Hence your first task is to make your situation sound convincing enough.

Now you can move on to explain your initial response to the situation and how you had overcome the hesitation to face it, if you had any. Otherwise you can straight away move on to explaining the methods you chose to fight the issue. You should also mention why you considered it the best way to deal with the situation. Remember that the person judging it will want to hear it all in your own words to be able to judge you. Even those facts which look too obvious to you might be conspicuous if absent.

While writing about personal experiences there is a chance of you accidentally digressing off to other matters which might look relevant to you but not to the one who judges it. So make sure you stick to the points. It helps to note down the points first and keep checking if you are accidentally straying off the path. It you don’t, you might end up with a research paper which is well outside the word limit. It is easier not to digress at all than to have to sit and edit it later.

Once you have explained the technique or method you used to overcome the tough situation, you can now write the conclusion about how the method led you to the successful solution of the problem. Here you have to be elaborate in the details as the judgment depends on how effectively you managed to prove that the method you presented is indeed the one which got you out of that particular situation.

If you had used a method which you found or developed from an idea, in a book or on the web, remember to mention the source. Plagiarism is punishable.

If you are not sure of your skills in effectively presenting the matter or if you don’t have enough time to dedicate to it, you can get a custom research paper done for your personal experience research paper assignment. You can provide the points but get it written in an impressive and interesting manner by experienced writers. Your term papers, research papers or essays can be tailored to perfection by experts in the field. Whether you choose to do it on your own or get it custom done, make sure it is the best choice for you.