Finding a good research paper topic

Out of the various stages of the research paper writing procedure, one of the toughest is that of choosing a suitable topic. But many students do not understand the difficulty of this stage as they don’t go to any trouble for finding good research paper topics. They randomly pick a topic and end up suffering a tough and frustrating research, without ever realizing that a good deal of the trouble they are going through is due to their poor choice of topic.

Spending some time to consider your choice of topic and ascertaining its suitability will help you a lot in the rest of the stages of your research paper writing procedure.

1. Study the assignment guidelines to figure out how much liberty you have with the choice of your research paper topic. It is possible that your teacher has listed out a few topics for you to choose from. In that case your options will be very limited. But if your guidelines limit you only to a more generalized section of topics, you will have more topics to choose from.

2. Try to choose a topic that appeals to you. Research is a long procedure and if your topic doesn’t interest you, the research process can get quite frustrating and, towards the end, too boring to continue. On the other hand, if the topic is one which appeals to you, the research would be much more enjoyable for you.

3. Evaluate your knowledge of the topic with respect to the deadline of the assignment. If your deadline is long enough, you may consider topics which are not so familiar to you also. But if the deadline is short, then it would be ideal to look for research paper topics which are familiar to you. It would not be possible to learn about a topic and then research on it, in a short period of time.

4. There are many topics which are multi-faceted. Such topics are claimed by different subjects from different angles. While choosing your topic, you must ensure that the research question you are choosing to address would fall into your subject category of research. A research problem which belongs to another subject area would be of no interest to your instructor.

5. Ascertain the availability of sources before you close in on a topic. For certain topics, good sources are hard to come by and in certain cases credible sources will not always be accessible to you all the time.

If you are a bit careful about what you choose, it will help you throughout your research procedure and also add to the appeal of your research paper. And a wrong choice of topic can end up in you missing your deadline or submitting a poorly written research paper.

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