How to identify a good research paper topic

One of the factors which can influence the difficulty as well as appeal of a research paper is its topic. There are a few research paper assignments which come with pre-assigned topics; but most assignments leave it to the students to choose their own topic. In such cases, the topic will have to be chosen as per the given instructions in the guidelines. There is no dearth of research paper topics and for the same reason it is difficult to pick the ideal one from the lot.

There are certain aspects which form the criteria of a good topic. Once you know what is expected of you, it will be much easier to find the right topic for an assignment.

• A good research paper topic would fit perfectly into all the instructions in the guidelines. The guidelines tell you what your instructor wants to see, in your research paper. And when it comes to the topic, the instructions also leave a common platform for judging the submissions.

• The appeal of a research topic lies mainly in its authenticity. A topic which has been discussed too often will not be able to generate interest in your reader unless you have some new point to add to the known factors of the topic. For example, if you take up ‘global warming’ as your topic, you must have some new aspect of global warming, to bring to light. Nobody would want to hear about how global warming is harmful unless you have invented some new problem created by global warming.

• Even though there are many research paper topics available, not all of them would have interesting theses left to be researched on. Hence, before picking the topic, consider the theories you can possible bring out of them.

• Another point to worry about is the type of sources and number of sources permitted for the assignment. Most assignments mention the minimum and maximum number of sources which can be used. Certain topics, even though interesting and suitable for the assignment, are not easy to be handled with limited number of sources. You must check whether the thesis which can be developed from your topic can be proved using the permitted number of sources. Also remember to ascertain the availability of the sources and your accessibility to it, before finalizing the topic.

• Even if all these aspects come together in a topic, you will not be able to enjoy your assignment if the topic does not interest you. Hence, remember to look for a topic which would be able to hold your interest through the long and tedious research process. If you know who the proposed audience is, you must also try to find a topic which you expect them to enjoy.

Picking a suitable research paper topic will be an easy task if you know what you want and what your instructor wants. Once you learn to balance your interests and the specifications of the assignment, you will not find it difficult to find good topics for your research paper assignments. If you need any help with your research paper projects, do let us know. Our expert academic writers will be able to help with all your issues related to research paper writing. They will also be able to prepare an outstanding custom research paper for you, tailored to suit your preferences and specifications, if you wish to opt for it.