Preparing the research paper works cited page appropriately

The works cited page is the term which stands for the bibliography section of an MLA style research paper. The MLA style of documentation was developed by the Modern Language Association of America, with respect to the documentation requirements of language and literature researches. In academia, the MLA style remains the most commonly used one for research papers of all subjects as the style is quite flexible and offers a variety of documentation options. It is, therefore, ideal that all students learn how to prepare the research paper works cited section in MLA format.

The two types of citations

Research Paper Works CitedAll documentation styles ask for two types of citations – one within the text and another in a separate section. The same applies to MLA style also. The in-text citations, known as parenthetical references in MLA style, are short and contain only the surname of the author and the page number on which the cited information is printed. But in the works cited page, the details regarding the source are elaborated enough to help the audience find the information for future reference purposes. The in-text citations and the information listed in the research paper works cited page must correspond with each other.

The important points to remember about the works cited section

The works cited page is one of the most important components of an MLA style research paper. You must prepare it with reference to the guidelines as well as the style rules. While at it, remember that the project guidelines count above everything else. There are certain important points which can be noted about preparing the research paper works cited page.

1. Begin the section on a fresh page. This section is to be attached to the last page of the research paper.
2. Type the heading ‘Works Cited’ on the top of the page, centrally aligned.
3. Arrange the list alphabetically, as per the surname of the author.
4. Italicize the title of the source. This applies to all title including that of books, journals, documentaries and so on.
5. Leave double space between the entries. This is applicable to the heading as well.
6. The format for a text source listing would be, “surname of the author, first name of the author. The title. The place of publishing: Publisher, Year of publishing: Page number.

Preparing the Works Cited Page

While preparing the works cited page, ensure that the details entered are all accurate. Incorrect details can lead to accusation of plagiarism. Also, remember to check the guidelines for any alterations your instructor might have asked for. This is very important while writing an MLA style paper as the style offers many types of formatting options.

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