The academic assessment methods are not always the same. The level, degree, types of topics and contents keep changing with each course and educational level. When students are at that point of education where the teachers find them capable of finding out facts on their own, they will start facing research paper assignments. Students who are suddenly and unexpectedly exposed to research paper writing, as a result of relocation to a new country or some similar change in their education, find the process very long and confusing.

There are a few easy steps to writing a research paper.

• Study the guidelines: This is the first step because the rest of the steps apply only as much as they comply with the guidelines. The guidelines have the power to add more conditions or eliminate steps from the procedure. Hence this remains the first and most important step of research paper writing procedure.

• Note the main points: Before starting the procedure it is necessary to take a mental note of the important points in the guidelines. The deadline, the style of writing asked for, page or word limit and the number of sources to be used would be some of them.

• Choosing the topic: Some guidelines specify the topic. But some give you instructions on what kind of topic to choose. Choose a topic that you are familiar with. If you can’t find one within the limits of the guidelines, then choose one which you feel you can handle. A good choice of topic depends upon various factors like your knowledge of it, the availability of sources and complexity of the subject.

• Pick the sources: Study the guidelines on the sources and pick the appropriate sources according to the instructions. Make sure that you will have easy access to the sources because you will need them for reference throughout the process.

• Research: Once you have the topic and the sources in hand, you may start the research. Study the relevant facts carefully. Note down the points and also the page numbers for reference. The page numbers will help you if you want to go back and read through the point again.

• Outline: Once you have gathered enough points, prepare an outline. Your outline should roughly spread out the information as you would place them in your research paper. It should clearly but precisely suggest what goes into the title page, abstract, introduction, body paragraphs and conclusion.

• Rough draft: This involves elaborating the outlined points into a research paper and finding a suitable title for the assignment.

• Editing and proof reading: This is the last stage of research paper writing where you will editproof read the document to fit into the correct size and recheck the style and citations and the document to make it flawless.

• The final draft: The edited and proofread document can be typed out into the final draft which you will submit.

If you follow this step-by-step procedure, research paper writing will be an easy enough task. There is nothing that can go wrong if you are organized enough while handling your research paper assignment. Preparing a research paper  might be a long procedure, but if done systematically, it need not necessarily be confusing or difficult. If this has not helped you enough, our experienced academic writers will be able to assist you with your research paper project.