How to write an impressive research paper

In order to handle a research based assignment in an impressive manner, you need to first know the objective of such an assignment and its basic requirements. Research assignments are very common in higher levels of education and are used to evaluate the intellect of the students. The main difficulty students face with research papers is that of following the specific instructions given in the guidelines.

Understanding the guidelines of a research project

Research assignments come with many rules and restrictions regarding the framing and formatting of the paper. The guidelines of each assignment will depend upon the instructor as well as the objective of the assignment. But most project guidelines contain specific instructions regarding:

research papers• The topic: The type of topic to be chosen and the specific sub-section of the subject from which it must be chosen are common instructions. For example; if you are dealing with a chemistry paper, you may not be permitted to choose just any chemistry research paper topic that you like. You will be asked to pick it from a specific branch or area of chemistry to set a common platform for the evaluation of the submissions.

• The sources: There are various types of sources including books and internet sources. Most project guidelines clearly mention the number of sources which can be chosen from each category.

• The documentation style: there are various styles or formats which are used for the documentation of academic papers. You will be expected to format your paper as instructed by the style manual, unless any exceptions are mentioned. But in case of alterations mentioned in the guidelines, in the basic style rules, remember that your project guidelines count above the style rules. You must check out some MLA, Chicago and APA format example papers to get a rough idea about formatting.

• The deadline: When it comes to research projects, the deadlines are inflexible with very few exceptions. Whether granted or not, the request for a deadline extension leaves a negative impression about your work and dedication towards your studies. Such a negative impression can seriously affect the response you get about your research project.

• The components: Some of the components of a research project, like the title page and the bibliography section, are mandatory but some others like the literature review and methodology chapter are optional. The optional components are to be included in your project only if specified in the guidelines. If in doubt, clarify the matter with your teacher.

The definition of research paper, as given in the online Wikipedia, is “a document submitted in support of a candidature for a degree or professional qualification, presenting the author’s research and findings”. But knowing the definition will not help you much if you are not capable of following the project guidelines. A good research project paper is that which fits into all the specifications mentioned in the guidelines.

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