Identifying the correct research paper format

Research paper writing is a rather complex process and because of its complexity of rules and methods, students are in need of availing guidance when they face research paper assignments. Research papers format and citation guides are available on the internet and the local libraries. But choosing the right one and identifying the clauses accurately with regard to the assignment guidelines is what is important.

Many students are not aware of the importance of formatting the paper in the way asked for. Hence they tend to ignore the instructions on formatting the assignment. Some students also miss the formatting instructions due to lack of time to check it. The formatting instructions are rather easy to miss out on, as they are very fine points. But that will make you lose points, resulting in a low grade.
There are various points to be checked while formatting a research paper.

• The components: There are certain components in a research paper document which are not mandatory. Components like a research paper abstract, literature review etc are to be included only if asked for. Hence your first task would be to figure out what all components should be there and when each of them should be handed over.
• The page format: The number of words to be included in a page should be ascertained from the guidelines. It changes from assignment to assignment hence you must know what the requirement for your assignment is.
• The title page: The title page information is, in normal cases, to be arranged in the manner asked for, by the documentation style. But always check if there are any specific instructions or alterations mentioned in your guidelines.
• The font: Most documentation styles prefer Times New Roman, 12pt font as it is the most easily decipherable font. It is ideal that you stick to Times New Roman but if you have any other preferences, check with your instructor whether it would be permitted in your research paper format.
• The spacing: The spacing between the lines of various components like the title page, the main research paper document and the bibliographical reference page is an important element of a research paper format and should be confirmed. Spacing is also fixed in such a way that the document would be easily readable.
• Margins: Normally, the margins should be formatted at 1 inch on all fours sides. But it is quite possible that your instructor needs a wider margin for the particular assignment. It could also be that your instructor simply prefers a wider margin. Follow the guideline instructions, if any, or if not, follow the instructions in the style manual.

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