Points to note about research papers’ theses

Out of the most vital elements of a research paper is its thesis. It is the focal point of your research, around which your research paper would be framed. Only an authentic and impressive thesis can lay the base for a good research paper. You will find that in good research papers thesis would be very strong and impressive. But finding a good thesis is not the only objective; you also need to present it in an interesting and impressive manner. The impressiveness of the thesis is also dependent on the way you state it.

The main attributes of impressive theses

There are certain aspects or features which qualify a research thesis as a good one.

Research Papers Thesis• Originality: A theory or idea which was never conceived before is what qualifies as an original or authentic thesis. An original thesis is highly appreciated in research papers. It might take you days to crack an authentic thesis for your paper but every bit of the time and effort you put into it would be well worth it.

• Practical value: In some research papers thesis would be very impressive and out of the ordinary; but not practically useful. The reason could be the unreasonably expensive methods of applying the theses or the absolute non availability of the materials required to put it into practical use. A thesis which is of no practical value would not be received with much enthusiasm.

Stating the thesis effectively and impressively

It would take you very good writing skills to state your thesis in an impressive manner. The thesis statement appears many times in a research paper; each time with a different purpose. By knowing the purpose and understanding the specifications, you will be able to state your research papers’ theses appropriately and effectively.

• In the research proposal, you must state the thesis in a confident manner but without being persuasive. You cannot impose any kind of authority before you complete your research.

• In the abstract, you must state the thesis clearly and boldly as your research is over and the research paper already prepared.

• In the introduction of your research paper, the thesis will be stated as the last sentence of the paragraph. It must be a confident statement, clear enough to be comprehensible to the audience.

• In the conclusion, you must reinstate the thesis, with authority, as you have presented enough evidence towards the same.

You will not be stating the thesis anywhere else in the body paragraphs of your research paper but it will be good to mention the thesis at regular intervals to help the reader stay on focus. But every time you state your thesis, remember that it must be contained in a single sentence and stated in a crisp and clear manner.

If your research papers’ theses are never appreciated by your teachers, try to find out where you have gone wrong. By knowing the definition of research paper or by going through the guidelines, you will not be able to learn the method for stating your thesis. Whether you are dealing with literature topics or chemistry research paper topics, you will need a strong thesis to focus on. If you wish to get professional assistance with your research project, let us know. We have highly experienced academic writers to guide students with their academic assignments. You may check out the APA format example papers and other academic writing samples on our website and use them for reference, if it suits your purpose.