Some vital points to remember while writing research paragraphs

A research paper is a formal document and is to be presented with due regard to the important methods of formal documentation. But, apart from the laid down rules regarding the formatting, there are certain other aspects also which must be considered. The perfect framing of a research paragraph is among the most important of all those aspects.

The three types of research paper paragraphs

Research ParagraphThere are three types of paragraphs in a research paper. Understanding the specific objectives of each of those is important while preparing a research paper. Listed below are the contents which are expected to be presented through those paragraphs.

1. The introductory paragraph:

• Introduces the topic.
• Gives necessary background information.
• Touches upon the previous researches held in the subject area.
• Talks about the methodology used.
• Addresses the research problem.
• Defines the nature of research.
• Explains the scope of the problem.
• States the thesis.

2. The body paragraphs:

• Elaborates on the topic.
• Explains the methodology.
• Describes the procedure.
• Details on the various stages of research.
• Presents the evidence.
• Justifies the thesis.
• Takes the discussion to its conclusion.

3. The concluding paragraph:

• Summarizes the main points of the paper.
• Reinstates the thesis.
• Talks of the possibility of further research on the topic.
• Concludes the discussion effectively.

Preparing research paper paragraphs

You will find no mention of the method by which your paragraphs should be framed, in your research paper guidelines. Nor will you find any mention of it anywhere in the definition of a research paper. But that is not because you have the liberty do it any which way you want. It is because you are expected to know all about the framing of a good paragraph by the time you reach the level of handling research paper projects. There are certain points which you must remember while preparing research paragraphs.

• Make sure that each paragraph is complete in itself. Allot one paragraph to each point, thus making your paper more legible.
• Transit smoothly from one paragraphs to another.
• Try to organize the research paragraphs in such a way that one leads to another.
• Start the paragraphs with an indent of around 5 spaces.
• Relate each paragraph to the introduction using the topic or the thesis stated.
• Format the paragraphs as prescribed by the style.

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