Research paper writing is a rather long procedure with various stages to it, depending on the level of your research. Preparing a research proposal is one of the most important steps of this rather long procedure. It is also one of the initial hurdles you have to overcome to be able to start off your research. Hence it is important to know what all components are required to form an impressive proposal.

The initial stage or first step is that of identifying a good topic for your research. Once you have the topic in hand you are expected to prepare a proposal showing the purpose of the research and the point you are aiming to prove. This document is termed as the research proposal as it proposes your plan for research. Without getting an approval for your proposal, you will not be able to carry on with your research.

Certain assignments ask for the students to present the topic, their objective and also the sources they have shortlisted for the project in the proposal. If that is the case, you will need to do some research to find the most appropriate sources before preparing the proposal. What goes into the research proposal is fully dependent on the assignment instructions. But there are certain rules which apply to all the proposals in general.

The research proposal should have a good and impressive title because the title is what creates the first impression in the mind of the reader. The title should be appropriate for the content and it should also be able to make the reader curious enough to read on. Do not give a very long-tailed title which would give the reader a chance to guess the content. In case it gives them the wrong idea, that prejudice can make them blind to the positive aspects of your proposal.

Explain the objective of your research. Even though you have nothing to prove yet, without an objective you won’t have a base for research. So make your objective sound focused and impressive enough to look worthy of a research. While at it, also write on why you chose it as your topic for research. Make it convincing enough. Also, explain how your special skills in the area and your educational background would complement the research.

List out the sources you have chosen for your research. It adds appeal to your proposal to have strong and authoritative sources to refer to. Hence while listing out the sources, remember to briefly mention why they are the most appropriate ones for your research and what all their credentials are. Explain your research method also, briefly or as elaborately as is necessary. You should also include the details on what is the expected outcome of your research. If there are any negative aspects to your research, mention that as well.

A good research proposal would project all the pros of the research while not hiding the negative aspects and convince the panel to let you carry on with your project. If you wish to get a custom research proposal written by professional academic writers, you can try us.