There are many aspects you need to be careful about while preparing your research proposal. But when you do not have time to read through elaborate sources on how to prepare the proposal, there are a few fast tips you may refer to.

Before preparing the research proposal, consider the points you wish to include in your proposal:

• The subject: the subject which would determine the perspective of your topic.
• The topic: the research question or objective.
• Your theory or your stance: what you are aiming at proving.
• The sources: the material you are intending to refer to in order to complete your research.
• Your credentials: your educational qualifications or previous research experience related to the topic in question.
• Your special skills: your specific abilities which could complement the topic you are proposing to research on.

Once you are clear about the points to be presented, think of the various parts of the proposal:

• The title: It should be specific to the topic you are proposing. It should also be descriptive enough to convey the subject matter of your proposal. Do not make it too long. Short and interesting titles can create a very good first impression.

• The abstract: An abstract would be a summary of the research proposal and hence should not exceed the word limit of 300 words, in normal cases. It should address the topic in question, your thesis, the method of research you are planning to use and the scope of the topic you are proposing to research on.

• The introduction: This should provide information on the research question, the scope of the topic and your theory. It should also provide any background information on the topic that might be relevant to the research. Your thesis statement will also be a part of the introductory paragraph. It should ideally be the last sentence of the introduction. Keep it all brief as a very long introductory paragraph is not usually appreciated.

• The body paragraphs: While framing the body paragraphs, it will be very helpful to have an outline ready. Outlining will keep you organized and make it easier to pick the flaws or errors of structure. Arrange different points into separate paragraphs. You should discuss all the aspects mentioned in the abstract, elaborately. This would include:

1. Your research objective.
2. Significance of topic you have chosen.
3. Your research method
4. The sources
5. Your skills and credentials.

• The conclusion: the conclusion will proclaim the thesis statement with more stress and confidence as you have already spread out enough material to justify your proposal. Do not sound compelling. But be confident.

Remember that a research proposal is aimed at proving the significance and importance of the research topic as well as your ability to handle the project. You might manage to prove that the topic is worthy of being researched. But unless the authorities are sure of your skills in the area, you will not be allowed to carry on with the research.

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