As you might be aware, a research proposal is meant to explain your research objective and convince them to permit you to continue with your research. Without the approval of the committee, you will not be able to do your research. Hence it is very important that you pay attention to the presentation of your research proposal. You should not only pay attention to its content but also the structural aspects. The structure of the proposal is similar to that of an essay. It will consist of an introduction, body paragraphs and conclusion. But the contents of these paragraphs would differ as your objective, unlike an essay, is to extend a proposal. A research proposal introduction also would be quite different from that of other academic assignments.

If you are used to academic writing assignments, you will know that an introduction is meant to give the readers, or audience, an idea of what is going to be discussed in the body paragraphs. It helps the audience to prepare themselves for the topic in discussion. Hence, your introduction should perfectly tally with the contents of the body paragraphs. It should briefly touch upon the main aspects of the proposal without revealing the whole of it.

The main content of the research proposal is the topic you have chosen for your research. The rest of the matters discussed in the proposal would be in relation to the topic. Hence the topic is one thing that has to be mentioned in the research proposal introduction. One thing you should be very clear about is that the introduction is just an ‘introduction’ and not elaboration. Hence it is absolutely necessary for you to be as precise as possible with the content of your introductory paragraph. When you mention your topic in the introduction, it should be easy enough for the audience to understand. Your topic is what you will be researching about. It will be the focal point of your research. Hence it should be very clearly addressed in the introductory paragraph.

There is no research without an objective. Topics can usually be dealt with from various angles and perspectives. Just the mention of the topic will not be sufficient to help the audience understand what you they are to expect in the rest of the proposal. You might be wishing to research on some aspect of the topic of which a solution has not yet been discovered. Or it could be an aspect which has already been solved but for which you have a better solution in mind. Or yet, it could be something you wish to analyze deeply in order to discover fresh facts about it. Whatever it is, your introduction should briefly touch upon what your topic is and what is it that you wish to research, about that topic.

You should also mention, in the research proposal introduction, the scope or significance of the topic you are wishing to research on. Each point should be compressed into no more than two sentences, preferably one.

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