The objective of a research proposal is to convince the authorities to grant you permission to continue with your research. Hence every part of it should be prepared carefully in order to make the proposal look impressive enough. It is not enough to just know what all the various parts of a proposal are. It is also necessary to understand the aim of each of those parts to be able to bring the best out of each of it. The research proposal title is one of the most important and prominent parts of the document.

A research proposal comprises of a title, an abstract, a literature review (in certain cases), an introduction, the discussion or the body paragraphs and the conclusion. The title, being the first part of the proposal document, is what gives the panel the first impression about your proposal content. For the same reason, it has to be unique, interesting and capable of generating curiosity in the reader. There are certain things you can consider in order to make your research proposal title impressive enough.

Think of a title that is informative enough of the topic you are researching on. Do not generalize. For example, if you are proposing to research on the literacy issues faced by the women of a particular society, do not make the name of the society the title. It will be too general for the authorities to guess what the content of the proposal would be about. Your research proposal title should include the main research objective.

Do not use a question as the title. If you place the research question as your research proposal title, it will look extremely unimpressive. You will be given a chance to address your research question many times in different ways throughout your research proposal. Hence avoid using it as the title of your proposal.

Keep it precise and make it concise. It should be informative at the same time short and specific. A title which sounds like a complete sentence will not impress the concerned people. It will make you look inefficient of managing even the simplest part of the research, which is the research proposal. It would create a very negative impression about your proposal and might mar your chances of getting your approval.

Do not reveal too much in a title. Giving away too much can make the reader decide on the contents too early. Tell them what your objective is without giving any hint of your theory in the title. The theory or the thesis is what they are interested in. it is the essence of your proposal. Do not reveal it in the title. Also, make sure that your title tallies with the contents of your proposal perfectly.

A good title can not only trigger off the curiosity of the readers but can also create an impression that will last even after they have finished reading your research proposal. Hence, do not take a chance with your research proposal title. If you wish to get a custom research proposal done, you may try the expertise of our academic writers.

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