Tips on writing research review papers

As is clear from the name, a research review paper reviews a research which was done on a topic or a research paper which was written by another person. This type of assignment, even though similar to other research papers in structure and formats used, is not exactly the same as those. Understanding the nature of this type of writing assignment is important while asked to prepare one.

Research review papers are written for various purposes.

1. To make the fresh researchers in the area familiar to the previous researches conducted. The paper will clearly define the problems addressed in those researches and the level of success achieved. That will, in turn, help the new researchers get a better grasp of the situation and avoid mistakes which were made earlier.
2. To make students familiar with the research paper writing procedure. Reviewing the research work and the written document of another person will help students understand the common errors which happen while writing research papers.
3. To define the specific areas which requires more detailed study and identify issues which were left out in previous researches. That will help students to bring their focus on to the specific aspect instead of wasting time working on generalized topics.
4. To evaluate the students’ understanding of a particular issue and the research methods adopted previously for the study of that research problem. While studying a previously conducted research for the purpose of reviewing it, the students will be forced to pay more attention to the finer details of the project. That will help them understand the method and situation better.

The procedure for writing a research review paper is the same as other research papers. Only the elements included, change.

1. A research review starts by identifying a particular research which was conducted on a topic or all the researches conducted on a particular topic. This will not be applicable if the research or research paper to be reviewed is pre-assigned by your professor.
2. The next stage would be to review it from all possible angles. This might require you to read the research paper several times to find points that need to be included in your review.
3. Once you have studied the research procedure and the research paper thoroughly, you must go on to write a rough review on it.
4. Edit the rough draft to see if you have written it well and if it all makes sense. Reviews are more difficult due to the fact that you are judging someone else’s work.

Writing research review papers is as time-consuming as a research paper itself. All that is expected of a research paper – legibility of writing, clarity of expression, flawless language and perfect analysis – are expected of a review paper also. Hence, you must not take a review paper lightly and leave it to be done at the last minute. If you wish to get it custom written by professional writers, we can help you with that. We have academic writers who are experienced in all levels and sections of academic curriculum, who can prepare an outstanding research review for you.