How to prepare effective research thesis statements

Understanding the nature and objective of an assignment is vital to the preparation of a good one. There are many types of academic writing assignments, each one with a different objective and specification. Among those you will find research papers, book reports, essays and so on. Of all these, research papers are believed to be the toughest. This is due to the fact that, unlike essays, research papers involve a lot of intellectual contribution from the student. It also requires individual, independent research with minimal input from the teachers. The research paper revolves around the research thesis statement through which the student declares what the research paper is based on.

As the thesis of a research paper is its focal point, a lot of the response you get is dependent on the way you state your thesis. The specific format for research thesis statements is that of a one-liner which effectively communicates the matter. The thesis statement appears in more than one place in a research paper. But each time, the objective would be different and so would be the nature and tone of the statement. Only if you know when to state the thesis and how to do it, you will be able to make a positive impression about your research paper in the minds of your audience.

The thesis is stated first in:

• The research proposal: Here it is in the form of a proposal. Hence it must be confident but without an authoritative tone. One of the main decisive factors in the evaluation of a research paper proposal is its thesis. Hence state it appropriately.

• The abstract: In the abstract you can state your thesis more boldly than how you did in the proposal as it has gained the authority on approval of the proposal. The approval of the authorities would mean that they believe in your project. That would justify your bold tone.

research thesis statement• The Introduction: Here the research thesis statement is meant to introduce the audience to your concept, or research paper idea. It must be a clear statement which is easily comprehensible. Be confident in your thesis statement here as it would influence the audience’s response.

• The conclusion: The research thesis is stated again in the conclusion of the research paper; this time with the authority which you gathered through the demonstration in your body paragraphs. In the conclusion it would be more of a proclamation than a suggestion as you have successfully proved your theory. It should carry a conclusive tone to ensure that your audience is aware of the fact that the discussion has come to an end.

It takes a lot of effort to write research papers which are interesting and impressive. And a big part of the credit for good research papers goes to well-presented research thesis statements. If you are not sure of how to present your theory effectively, you must get expert help rather than taking a chance with it. If you need any kind of help with your research paper writing projects, we can assist you. We have expert academic writers who have been helping students with all their issues related to academic writing. They will be able to guide you through the process or prepare a custom research paper for you as per your specifications.