Identifying a research topic in computer science and engineering

Among the most difficult subjects to study are computer science and engineering. But these subjects also fall under the category of subjects which are most highly in demand in the educational sector. It not only offers excellent job opportunities but it also has very good chances of career growth. Students are asked to prepare various research papers in the subject, during their academic period, for the purpose of evaluating their proficiency in the subject. These research paper projects are usually extremely difficult. But the difficulty level can be brought down if you are careful about certain things like the choice of a good research topic in computer science and engineering.

How to choose good computer science and engineering research topics

Research Topics in Computer Science and Engineering   While dealing with computer research paper topics or engineering topics, there are many aspects which you must be careful about. There is absolutely no dearth of good research topics in these subjects but finding a suitable one would, indeed, not be so easy. In order to be able to find the most suitable research topics in computer science and engineering, you must consider certain aspects before you finalize the topic. You must take into regard factors like:

• How much liberty your guidelines allow you with the choice of your research topic?
• What kind of topic is required for your project? Should it be analytical or argumentative or, yet, an exploratory one?
• What exactly is the objective of the assignment? What kind of topic would be able to meet that objective?
• Which specific sub-section of the subject should your topic be from?
• What kind of topics can be accommodated in the deadline of the project?

Once you identify a few research topics in computer science and engineering which would suit the project, it is time to find one which would suit you as well.

• Does the topic carry enough scope in the research field?
• Will you be able to find an original and impressive thesis, for the topic, to work on?
• Would you be able to find access to credible sources for your topic?
• What kind of tools or research materials would be required for your study of the topic which appeals to you?
• How familiar is the topic to you? Will, your existing knowledge of the topic suffice to conduct a detailed study on it, within the limited time?
• How suitable would the topic be for your proposed audience?

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