While writing an essay or research paper on Ballads, you have to look into the delicate technicalities of this beautiful literary form of poetry. You will be most certainly be learning more than one ballads during your course of education, especially if you are pursuing English as a subject.

Ballad is a very old form of poetry. Even though it is difficult to find out the information on the date of origin or the author, this form of poetry can be traced back to thirteenth century. The main characteristic of a ballad is that it is a narrative poem or song. It used to be widely used in folklores of olden times, as a story told through the folk song. Third person narrative is used to narrate the story in ballads. It is usually written in stanzas of quatrains, or four lines, with the rhyme scheme of abcb. Only the second and fourth lines rhyme.

Ballads mostly tell the stories of people who existed and who had done exceptional things, whether it is positive or negative, glorious or shameful and also events which are of importance politically or historically, which includes wars and political issues. Because of the fact that it was of use among people of small communities, you will find that more than one ballad existed under the same name and theme. The Ballad of Chevy chase is one of those which have two versions.

It was also widely used to tell real love stories. In earlier forms of ballads, which were folklores, it can be noted that the style of writing is very simple and almost to the point. There is nothing fancy about the content of those mainly because of the fact that it was just supposed to say the story. But as ballads evolved, it underwent many changes for the better and in those which were written later by famous poets, you will see it being much more descriptive with elaborate narration and beautiful description of the characters and places and extensive description of the events narrated.

If you are given the option of choosing a ballad to write your research paper on ballads, you will have a very big collection to choose from. If you have the option of choosing it, pay attention to the theme of the ballad you want to write on and make sure it is one that you can handle. Even though it is a relatively simple form of poetry without much complexities involved, it still requires a certain amount of flair for writing, to write on it as it belongs to the category of poetry.

While writing a research paper on ballads, you have to look for lines with more than just the direct meaning and words which are more than what it actually look like, as is applicable for any form of poetry. Imagination and creativity to a certain extent is a must while writing a research paper on any form of poetry.

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