Research Paper projects are something students can’t escape during their academic studies. They will be asked to do many of them on various topics related to their subjects. Even though there is nothing like a complete rule book on how exactly your research paper should look, there are certain aspects which become the criteria of the marks you earn. The first of them is the research paper introduction or the research paper title page – whichever is applicable.

The given guidelines for your research paper will take you only so far. It will form only instructions on half of the method for writing and presenting that particular paper. The other half will be up to you. And this latter half is what will prove your skills and help the committee or your professor, find out the qualities in you. This is where you will be able to use your own abilities to prove yourself as a good or even outstanding student and it comprises of the rules which are neither written down nor specified by anyone but is considered to constitute of the basics of research paper writing which is expected to be known to all students.

One of them is the structure of the research paper. You should know what should come in the first paragraph and what should follow and how the research paper is supposed to conclude. These are one of the basic facts which will make an impression on those who judge your paper. So that is something you should learn about, before starting to write your paper.

Some research papers specifically ask for a title page whereas many don’t. A title page is an easier option compared to an introduction, as it is a separate page and the information expected on the title page is somewhat mandatory. But when you are asked to omit the title page and include that information in your research paper, then you will need to exercise some of your skills.

For those research papers which do not require a title page, you will be giving the introduction as the first paragraph of your paper. This introduction should give a brief insight into the coming paragraphs and also some background information on the topic you are dealing with, if applicable. This is intended to help the readers to have an idea of what to expect in the rest of your paper. So make sure that the introduction you write is brief but one that touches all the necessary points.

As the research paper introduction has the privilege of being the first paragraph, a lot depends on it. The first impression of your paper will be formed by this paragraph and hence you have to remember to pay a lot of attention to how well you write this first paragraph.

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