Choosing a topic for your tourism research paper

Tourism has always been part of the economy of many countries and has been growing ever since. Tourism could appear in your studies as a part of many different subjects. Hence you might get the opportunity to do a research on a topic related to tourism. There are a lot of positive facts about getting a chance to write a research paper on tourism.

The main advantage of writing a research paper on tourism is the variety of topics available for research. You will find a huge section to choose from, mainly due to the fact that the facts related to tourism in each country is different from that of another. And in certain places, the tourism related aspects change from city to city. Considering this fact, it is needless to say that it will be a very interesting subject to do a research on.

Tourism, even though it existed centuries back, was not so important then, as it is now. It is one field that has flourished beyond anyone’s imagination. There are a lot of facts which contributed to this sudden growth of tourism. Again, these facts depend on the respective countries. You may consider it as a topic to compare the factors which helped the growth of tourism in different countries.

There are certain countries and cities, of which, the main economical support is its tourism. These places are mainly secluded areas which are scenic but with less access to everyday needs and necessities. Such places have very less population due to this fact. The small population which belongs to such areas survives with the income from tourism. You can choose to do a research on such places and how well tourism has been able to sustain these people.

You will also find many topics on the kind of influence tourism has had in certain places and whether the influence tourism had on that particular country, city or state was political, social or economical. It also should prove a very interesting topic to pursue to try and differentiate between the direct and indirect influences tourism has had on different levels of the sustenance of a certain place.

There are certain places which has immense potential for tourism due to its scenic beauty. But you will see that some of them do not prosper in that field even on having the necessary natural resources. This could be due to various reasons starting from political threats to lack of basic needs. You can consider choosing such a place and researching on what are the factors which has been stopping the development of tourism in that place and what all could be done to improve the particular situation.

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