Research Paper Writing Tips and Advices – How to avoid procrastination

Research Paper writing is a long procedure and involves a lot of research work. It takes a lot of effort and dedication on your part to spend hours and hours to find small pieces of information. Once you start off the process, you will see a lot of issues coming up which could delay your work.

The main cause of almost all the issues usually lead back to one basic aspect – lack of interest in the chosen topic or in the work itself. You will notice that when you really want to do something, you always find ways to do it. If there is something you really enjoy doing, you always find time to do it and you manage to find some way or the other to work around the obstacles. But when you are forced to do something you are not really eager to do, it so happens that you look for excuses to delay the job as much as possible. And this leads to that which can ruin your chances of preparing a well-written, interesting research paper and presenting it on time – procrastination.

You might have heard this many times from your professors and read it in many articles related to research paper writing – Do not procrastinate. But most of the time nobody tells you how to keep out of it. So even though you are aware that you shouldn’t procrastinate, you do not know how to escape from it and you end up walking right into it without even knowing it till it is too late.

Procrastination can be defined as putting off or postponing a job. It is dangerous to give in to it where you are expected to meet deadlines. There are certain techniques or methods you can try to keep clear of this trap.

• Focus on what you have to do. Read carefully through the guidelines of your research paper to get a good understanding of the job in hand, which will, in turn, help you focus on your work and assist you in remembering why you should not procrastinate.

• Make a chart showing how much work needs to be done each day and not by how many hours you will give it each day. Planning it by hours doesn’t always work.

• And make sure you have left a few days, depending on the time you have, completely free, to be used in case you miss your work on any of the planned days.

• And be determined to stick to your plan, no matter what happens. Mind plays a big part in all these. When you get an urge to keep your work for later, remind yourself that it will not help you at all. You have to face it anyway, so better earlier than later

• You could also keep reminding yourself how relaxed you could be once the matter is fully done. If you steadily go with your plan, you will have the few days you had kept aside for emergency, completely free for you.

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