The importance of proof-reading a research paper

While undertaking a research project, most people take a lot of effort to make it flawless and perfect. They take a lot of time finding a topic for research, then preparing a research proposal and then go on to spend hours in library and internet, collecting information that would support their thesis. They might even take time out to edit the document and fit it into the right size. But after doing all this, they simply don’t save energy for the last but most tedious task –proof-reading, mainly because they don’t realize the importance of proof-reading a research paper before submitting it.

The fact is that even a most impressive research paper loses points due to silly spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. Proof-reading becomes a tedious task because it comes at the very end of a rather long procedure. You would have spent days or months on that particular research paper and when you are through, you have a proof of your efforts in your hand – your completed research paper.

But when it comes to proof-reading you don’t often have a very convincing proof of the outcome of your efforts and hence the job becomes quite boring and it makes you feel like you are wasting your time. There are times when you proof-read half of the document without finding a single mistake and then take it easy for the other half. And if you are not fortunate enough, it might be that second half which has all the mistakes and you, having found no errors in the first half might over-look those in the second, thus wasting your efforts so-far.

You might have noticed that almost all published works have an editor. Ever considered why? It is not because those who wrote it are not capable of doing the editing or proof-reading themselves. But it is because you tend to overlook your own mistakes. It is a strange nature of human mind. It might not see a spelling mistake you made in the document, even if it is right in front of your eyes.

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