Have you thought of why a research paper title page is so important, when all the necessary information is further inside? If you haven’t, then maybe you should. Because knowing how important it is will help you in deciding how much effort you want to spare for it.

If you feel that it is not as important as the other parts of a research paper, you are wrong. It plays a vital role in the judgment of your paper as it has the privilege of being the one on top. As the old saying goes, ‘First impression is the best impression’. There are very few people who are willing to let go of their first impression of another person, even if it proves to be wrong later on. All the same, make sure your research paper requires a title page before doing one.

There are certain formats, like MLA, which does not ask for a separate research paper title page, unless specified otherwise by your professor. And if it is not required then it would not make sense to waste time on it. In MLA style research papers, all you need to do is mention the details on the top of the first page of your research paper.

But some other research paper formats like APA, usually asks for a separate title page. In most cases, you will be told by your professor, what all he expects to see on the title page. So all you need to do is stick to that. Whatever it is, it will not be anything elaborate or complex. All it will ask for is a few words which will tell your teacher what to expect inside. If you have not been given a specific format for title page, then stick to the guidelines of the format of your research paper.

Usually, the title page asks for:
• Your name
• Title of your research paper project
• Date of submission
• School
• Your class
• Your professor’s name

The order of the information can be chosen from the options the particular format allows. The margins and alignment options will also be among the guidelines of the format you are using.

It is better not to go too fancy about the font and the alignment. It will make it look formal enough and easy to follow. Fancy fonts and designs can be distracting and it can leave an impression of you not being serious about your work.

It is important that there are absolutely no spelling mistakes or typing errors on your research paper title page. It will help you to take a look at some sample research paper title pages before you write your own. It will give you an idea of what it should look like. Or you can get it done with the help of professionals. You can also get a custom research paper or term paper done if you are short of time. it is no more difficult to produce an outstanding research paper with help from experts, so easily available.