Some points to note about sample APA research papers

APA style of documentation, which is most commonly used for the documentation of research papers and scholarly documents in social science subjects, was developed by the American Psychological Association. This style clearly defines the various aspects related to research paper writing, in its style manual. Since there are various clauses attached to the documentation and referencing instructions, it may not be easy to comprehend all of it in the first reading or remember it all straight away. Referring to the manual of style and sample APA research papers would help to a great extent in figuring out the style accurately. But there are various factors which need to be considered while picking samples for reference.

Picking a sample APA research paper for reference is quite a risky business if you are not sure of how the style works. Knowing at least the basics of the style is necessary in order to evaluate the sample you pick. APA style is quite strict about its rules and extremely defined when it comes to its clauses. You can use that for the purpose of ascertaining the credibility of the sample document you pick.

• Referencing is the most important part of research documentation. APA has extremely strict rules regarding this. Each type of source is to be cited as per the written down rules in the style manual.
• Footnotes, in APA style, are used only to give additional information to the readers on any of the part of the text which is too irrelevant to be elaborated but is useful in other contexts.
• In-text citations, or parenthetical references, also known as the author-date system, are used for referencing the sources in APA style.
• The most peculiar and unique aspect of an APA style research paper is the use of a ‘running-head’. A part of the complete title, which makes absolute sense while standing on its own, should be used as a running head. It should not only appear on the title page but also on all the pages on the right hand top corner, next to the page number.
• APA style terms its bibliography section as ‘references’. This should be alphabetically arranged as per the surname of the authors. The details to be given for each type of source are clearly mentioned in the style manual.
• APA style employs the use of Times New Roman or any similar font which is acknowledged for formal documentation in 10pt-12pt font size.

Knowing these points will help you evaluate the sample APA research papers you find and choose the best one for reference. You must also keep it in mind that APA makes small changes in its rules when it updates itself on regular intervals. You must also be aware of these changes while choosing a sample.

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