Spotting good sample thesis statements for research papers

The thesis statement is one of the most important elements of a research paper. Even though it is contained in just a single sentence, that one sentence can make all the difference, to your research paper. To define the thesis statement, it is that part of the research paper which states your thesis; hence the term thesis statement. The thesis of your paper, which is the theory or focus of your paper, will have to be stated more than once in your research paper and each time it will bear a different purpose. If you are new to research paper writing, you may refer to good sample thesis statements for research papers, to get an idea of the concept.

Stating the thesis effectively and impressively

Sample Thesis Statement for Research Paper         There are many aspects which make a thesis statement impressive enough to generate interest in the audience, as you would learn while referring to a good sample thesis statement for research paper. For a thesis statement to be effective enough, it must successfully carry out its purpose. The thesis is stated multiple times, for various purposes, in a research paper. The number of times the thesis would be stated depends on which all components are included in the paper.

• The research proposal: Not all academic research papers ask for the research proposal. But if the proposal is included in your project, then you will be stating your thesis for the first time in the proposal. Here, you will have to state it in a suggestive tone, as you are yet to do research on the topic and produce evidence towards the thesis.

• The abstract: Again an optional component for academic research papers, the abstract also, if it is an informative abstract, must contain a thesis statement. The thesis statement in an abstract can be authoritative as you are through with your research and are just summarizing the points in the abstract.

• The introduction: In the absence of the above mentioned optional components, the thesis will first be stated in the introductory paragraph of the research paper. Here, it will bear a confident tone, not yet authoritative, as you have completed the research and have the evidence ready but it is not yet presented. You cannot impose authority yet as it is left to the audience to judge if the evidence is good enough.

• The conclusion: The thesis is not just stated but reinstated in the concluding paragraph of a research paper. Here it can carry an authoritative tone as the theory has been clearly proved. The thesis reinstatement will be supported by a summary of the main points so as to add authority to it.

Referring to research paper samples

Good sample thesis statements for research papers will demonstrate the perfect way of stating the thesis. But ensure that the sample you choose has all the components which are included in your project. Not all optional components are included in all research paper samples. You will need to study all the components to understand the different methods of stating the thesis.

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