Understanding the appropriate science research paper format

There is a common misconception among science students that they need not bother about improving their writing skills. But the truth is that the academic writing assignments in science subjects are as important as the practical ones. The students’ knowledge of the theories which form the base of science subjects and their comprehension of the basic aspects of the subject is tested through the writing assignments. Science research papers are not graded depending on the content alone. You must also ensure that it has been presented as per the prescribed science research paper format.

The basic science research paper format

There are certain basic formatting rules which apply to science research papers. Once you learn the basic science research paper format, it will be easier for you to follow the instructions given in the manual of the documentation format you are using.

science research paper format• The title: A crisp and short phrase which clearly conveys the content of the research paper. Do not use irrelevant terms like ‘a study of…’ or ‘a research into…’; it is understood.
• The abstract: A short summary of around 100-250 words, which includes the important points in your research paper like the hypothesis, the discussed matter, the sources used etc.
• The methodology chapter: A detailed explanation of the methodology adopted for the research. The instruments and materials used, the techniques etc should also be included.
• The introduction: The topic must be introduced appropriately with necessary background information. The nature and scope of the research argument or research problem must be mentioned. The thesis should be stated as the last line of the paragraph.
• The results: This section displays the results of your scientific study and experiments. Here you can plainly state the points without elaborating much. You may present your data through tables or graphs or through any such classification methods.
• The discussion: Explain the content, discuss the details, exemplify the points, illustrate the matter, present strong evidence and explain where you started and how you got to the result announced in the previous section. Do not make mistakes with the scientific terms or misspell them accidentally. Remember that accuracy of information is vital to the success of a science research paper.
• References: Should include details of all the sources used for research, in the appropriate science research paper format. Remember to refer to the latest edition of the manual of style you are supposed to use for your research paper.
• Legend: Helping the reader to understand the terms and figures which might confuse them.

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