Different Sections of Science

To write an outstanding science research paper, you need to have a very good knowledge of your science subjects and also those other subjects, which come under the category of science, which are directly or indirectly linked to the one you are pursuing as your main subject. Basic knowledge of the subject will only help you to build a base for your studies. To be able to progress further, you will have to put in a lot of effort in understanding the complexities of the subject.

To understand your subject, you will need to understand where its base is and where all its branches are spread. There are many subdivisions to science and many other subjects which come under the category. Some of the subjects which could be called the sub divisions of science are

  • Physics – the study of energy
  • Chemistry – the study of chemical composition, structure and chemical reactions of objects
  • Biology – the study of living things
  • Medical science – the science of medicine
  • Geology – the science which deals with earth and its various components
  • Environmental science – the study of nature
  • Genetic science – the science which studies the genes and heredity

There are many sub divisions to each of these. Even though these are some of the direct categories of science, there are also many others which are linked to it because the word science basically stands for ‘knowledge’. For the same reason, a detailed study of any subject could be termed as science; for example social science, political science etc. But when you refer to studying science as a subject, those which come directly under the category of science are the ones which will be listed as your options.

All science subjects are inter-linked. They all connect with each other and depend on each other for their development and researches. You will have to study your subject properly and have a thorough knowledge of it to understand the connection between them. That will, in turn, help you understand which path to follow while writing your science research paper. It will also help you in choosing interesting topics for your research paper.

You could use the very link between the various sections and subdivisions of science as a topic for your science research paper as there are still so many of those which have not been discovered. But whatever topic you close in on, remember that in science there is hardly any space for assumptions or speculations. You are expected to present only facts and also you should have solid evidence for the facts you state. Without it your arguments shall not be accepted. This is one thing that makes science research papers tougher than those of other subjects.

You may take a look at some sample research papers before you start writing your research paper because that will give you an idea of what your research paper should look like. If you still feel unsure about writing your science research paper, you can get a custom research paper or custom term paper done according to your own specifications and preferences.