The topic requirements change with each type of writing assignment. Hence nobody can tell you what would be the best topic for your assignment, without seeing the guidelines. But there are certain things you can keep in mind about your choice of topic for each type of research paper. A short research paper, as the name implicates, is a comparatively short document.

The main thing to remember about this type of assignment is that you have limited space to write on. Having less pages to fill will seem like a relief initially. But do not forget that it is only the space that is limited. You are still expected to present a reasonable amount of detailing and prove your point effectively, with evidence, the same way you do in a normal research paper. Hence choose a topic which can be discussed within the given space limit.

A generalized topic would be difficult to be discussed in a short space. Hence narrow down the topic to a more specific aspect for the purpose. For example; “The problems faced by women in a particular society” would be a generalized topic. It would require a lot of space to present a research paper which does justice to the topic. But if you narrow it down to “a specific problem faced by the women of a particular society” it would give you more space to bring out all the points about the topic.

Most short research paper assignments come with a tight deadline. So pick a topic that can be handled within the given time. The intellectual level of your reader also must be considered before the topic is chosen. If you are discussing something way above the level of your reader, you will need to break down the topic to their level and build it up again. That is something which would take a lot of space. At the same time, if you choose a topic that is at the same level as your audience, you will be able to explain it more clearly using lesser number of words.

A very well-known source would cut down the necessity of excess detailing to a big extent. If the sources you choose are not good enough, you will need to elaborate on the cited information. Hence, confirm the availability of extremely credible and well-known sources before you finalize the topic for your short research paper.

Even though the effectiveness of your short research paper is mainly dependent on your writing skills, the choice of topic also matters a lot. It is quite difficult to compress a complex issue into the limited space allotted for a short research paper. On the other hand, if you manage to find a simple but interesting topic, your short research paper assignment could turn out to be interesting as well. Check out some research paper samples to understand the process better. If you are running out of time and need help with your research paper assignment, our professional academic writers would be able to help you.