Writing a short research paper might not be difficult. But writing an impressive one which conveys the matter effectively within the limited space will indeed be a difficult task. Since the time allotted for short writing assignments are also equally short, it is necessary that you plan your research well enough. There are many aspects to be taken care of while writing a research paper of this nature.

Staying organized throughout the procedure is very important. Do not keep the task of writing the short research paper, for the last minute. Do not be misled by the term ‘short’. It clearly doesn’t mean to convey ‘easy’. In fact writing a research paper in such a limited space would more of a challenge than writing a normal research paper.

The use of a research paper outline will help you a lot while handling a short research paper assignment. It is more difficult to edit a document without losing its essence than to elaborate on points to fill pages. Since you are dealing with the task of compressing so much information into a very limited number of sheets, an outline would be of a lot of help. It will give you an overview of the points you have collected. This will in turn give you a very clear idea of how much elaboration can be done on each point.

If you get tempted to omit the outline, remember that it is not just the space that is limited but also the time. If you end up with a research paper which is much longer than the maximum number of sheets permitted, you will be left with no choice but to do a quick editing at the end. That might risk the accidental editing of necessary points.

While using your research paper sources, try to minimize the citations. You must not fill the few sheets you have, with the ideas of someone else. Your research paper assignment is expected to be a projection of your ideas. Sources are only for support and it is ideal to use them sparingly in a short research paper, saving as much space as possible for your own ideas.

Avoid the use of unnecessary words. Do not try to emphasize on the obvious facts in a short assignment. For example; there is no need to use words like “The research into the topic brought to light, the fact that…” or “I am of the opinion that”. If you are writing the research paper it is apparent that you have researched on the topic and brought a certain aspect to light. It is also clear that you are presenting your opinion through your research paper. Hence avoid such words which you can easily do without.

Writing a short research paper is not easy. But by planning it well, you can make the task much easier than how it would be otherwise. Practicing precise writing skills and checking out research paper samples would also help to a great extent. If you are not being able to manage the task, you may take help from your instructor or professional academic writers.