Short research paper writing is more difficult than other types of research papers. The term ‘short’ is a bit misleading for those who are not sure of what the assignment is all about. It is indeed a short assignment but only when it comes to length. The space restriction does not give you the liberty of compromising on any other aspects of the research paper. And that, exactly, is what is difficult about handling such an assignment.

The final editing is the stage where you reduce the length of your research paper into the permitted number of pages. In a normal research paper assignment it is not a difficult task at all. A research paper is usually a rather lengthy document and more than often you end up having to elaborate on points than deleting parts of the assignment. And elaborating is much easier than having to delete portions of a completed paper. In a short research paper assignment, the probability of having to cut down on the length is more than that in other assignments.

To make it easier for you to complete the research paper in time and to make the editing job easier, the best way is to organize your work from the beginning. And there is no better way of organizing the research paper writing procedure than that of using a research paper outline. Even though outline is helpful in all types of academic assignments, it is an inevitable part of a short research paper writing process.

An outline gives you an overview of the points you have gathered for your research paper. You will be able to prioritize the points and keep aside a few to be used only if there is enough space left. You will also be able to decide if you want to include more points with less elaboration or mention fewer points to give space for more detailing. The need to detail mostly depends on the subject and the requirements of the topic. Certain subjects like literature will need a lot of elaboration and detailing whereas in certain science topics you can make do with less detailing to include more points. Without an outline you will have no idea as to how many points can safely be included in your research paper.

You will not be able to keep aside much time for editing a short research paper, as the deadlines would be usually tight. If you try to make do without an outline, you might end up having to do a detailed editing. That would include cutting down on several points and rewriting the edited portions to fix the structural inconsistencies and working on linking the paragraphs again to restore the smooth flow of the research paper. All these trouble can be saved by sparing some time to prepare an outline because at that stage it would be very easy to edit or add points to fit the permitted page limit.

A research paper outline is a time-saving instrument for research paper writing. It is needless to mention the amount of effort reduced by it. And considering the most specific aspect of a short research paper which is the restricted length, you must not even attempt to do it without an outline. You may also take a look at some research paper samples, if you are new to research paper writing.