Out of the various types of academic writing assignments, research papers are supposedly the longer ones. But there is an exception for everything. Short research papers belong to the category of research papers but with the exception of being a short document. Remember this unique aspect of this type of research paper while researching on the topic as well as writing on it. The challenge of writing this research paper is that you have to manage to keep it short without compromising on any of the other aspects of the assignment. The attempt to keep it short must begin from the introductory paragraph itself.

Research paper introductions are supposed to be informative enough for the reader to get familiar with the topic and the upcoming discussion. This aspect cannot be compromised on, even if it is a short research paper. In order to accomplish the task of preparing a short but informative introduction, you must know what the optional elements of a research paper introduction are and what the inevitable ones are.

Introducing the topic to the reader is one of the main purposes of the introduction of a research paper. Hence, this cannot be compromised on, at any cost. The topic must be mentioned in the introduction; what you can cut down on is, the detailing. Mention the topic but omit the background information, unless it is absolutely necessary. Certain topics are self-explanatory and do not need any background information to support it. But in certain cases you cannot introduce the topic well enough without giving some additional information on it. It will be up to you to judge the situation. Irrelevant or less important details of the topic should, at no cost, be included in a short research paper introduction.

The last line of an introductory paragraph is the thesis statement. This too, cannot be compromised on. It is the focal point of your research and has to be stated clearly. But you have the advantage of this part being of a precise and crisp nature as it is. It is a single line and in any research paper assignment it is expected to be as precise and focused as possible. Hence you need not worry about putting in any extra effort regarding the thesis statement of your short research paper.

The research method need not be mentioned in the introduction of a short assignment unless specified otherwise. There is no need to give information on the research paper sources either. These are optional parts of all research paper introductions and can definitely be avoided in the introduction of a short research paper.

The introduction is one of the shortest paragraphs of a research paper. In a short research paper, the introduction will also have to be proportionately short. Omitting all the unnecessary factors from the introduction is the ideal way to keep it short. If you are not very familiar with research paper writing, you must study some research paper samples or research paper guides to get an idea of what a normal research paper introduction looks like. That will help you frame the introduction of your short research paper in a better way.